Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Nothing ...

imageDay five is beginning and if you look to the left, you’ll notice that I haven’t written anything since Sunday.

Well, I have written, just not on my novel. I had to do a rewrite of a monologue for rehearsal. And in general, 1,400 words would not normally take me that long, but these had to be 1,400 good words, so that kind of ate up the morning.

Today is one of my “go to work” days, so that makes working on the novel so much harder. I’m going to take the file with me and try to keep it open in another window, but I don’t have the greatest faith that I’ll be able to multitask that well.

Maybe I’ll just post more here later.

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During November it's all about me writing a novel. Sometimes it's about whalewatching. You know, and then there's other stuff.