January 2003

Friday, January 17, 2003

Writing Out - The Bourgeois Pig

imageBourgeois Pig
5931 Franklin Ave (between Bronson & Tamarind)
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5515
(323) 464-6008

Hours - 8 AM to 2 AM

Prices - $1.50 for drip coffee, $2.25 for a pot of tea (great selection - herbal, black & green - Chinese, Indian & Japanese). No refills. Real cups. Fancy drinks start at $2.75. Some pastries & small selection of sandwiches starting at $5.00.

Ambiance - they play an eclectic mix of music, sometimes loud. Tables out front for smokers (with an overhang if it’s raining), inside there are large library size tables (sometimes you have to share your table), eclectic mix of comfy chairs and some real butt-busters, back room has couches and is rather dark but cozy. Pool table.

Connections - ample inside at the large tables, also a dead zone for Cingluar service (do they work ANYWHERE?)

Parking - biggest drawback to this place is parking. You have to trawl. Most is free when you find it, but they usually have strictly enforced 2 hour limits.

Additional Highlight - Across the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Shameless Plug

imageI’m normally not the type to go around doing wanton self-promotion, but I’m quite proud of my current project and thought I’d share it here.

I have a series of one-acts that are currently running in Los Angeles, produced by TheatreMachine, running at Theatre/Theatre in Hollywood and directed by Heidi Rose Robbins. They’re called The Parking Lot Plays and they have a website of their very own.

The reviews came out today and were rather pleasant. Not raves, mind you, but solid and positive. I know some folks hate critics and some critics can be mean just to turn a phrase or something, but even the negative comments they gave me were well founded in my opinion. Check out the LA Weekly and Backstage West.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

New Year - New Projects

imageOkay, part of my new year will be an increase in my overall consistency. Whatever that means. (Maybe it means I’ll be less lumpy?)

But for the time being, I’m going to start listing here places where I “write out” since my Los Angeles friends may find it of interest.

Here’s the first and my most often patronized:

The Coffee Table
2930 Rowena Ave (between Hyperion & Glendale Blvd.)
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2042
Located in Silverlake, around the corner from Trader Joe’s

Hours - Open 7 AM til 11 PM - back patio closes at 9 PM

Prices - drip coffee $1.60 (50 cent refills) - served in real cups - fancy drinks start at $2.50. Decent but limited tea selection (Numi). Pastries, desserts & full menu, $8.00 average for entrees. Great garlic mashed potatoes.

Ambiance - lighting is decent, tables are roomy but it’s often crowded, especially in the late afternoon as lots of people seem to camp there for hours, no music but sometimes the other conversations can be loud (really more distracting since sometimes they’re interesting)

Connection - decent access to plugs, sometimes you have to wait for a primo table. If you like sitting outside, they’re ample access to power on the back patio (at every table). I advise bringing an extension cord so you can tap into someone else’s plug. If you’re a smoker, the front patio is nice, much nicer than most and heated. Also, this place seems to be a cell phone dead zone for Cingular service (though AT&T & Nextel work there)

Parking - 25 cents an hour, but can’t plug the meter for more than 2 hours at a pop. Usually easy to find a spot, except at peak hours, but then again, if you can’t find a spot on the street, you’re not likely to find a table either.

Of note - this section of Silverlake is up-and-coming. There are some cool shops around and if you’re willing to walk, down by the intersection of Glendale and Rowena, there’s a cool new shop called Clover that sells clothing and housewares

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