July 2003

Saturday, July 05, 2003

The Fourth of July

imageI got a new digital camera a few weeks ago. And my disposition dictates that I become obsessive with the thing.

I’ve been pretty much in “macro” mode and I feel that I have documented the insect inhabitants of my back yard very well.

Last night I decided to try to capture fireworks. Now, I know that a digital camera is not supposed to be very good at lowlight things. And though I live close to Dodger stadium and I can see the fireworks from the roof, I’m not really what you’d call “close.” Probably about two or three miles as the crow flies.

Anyway, here’s the latest result:

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Writing Out - Bean Town in Sierra Madre

imageBean Town
45 N. Baldwin Ave. (at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd.)
Sierra Madre, CA
(626) 355-1596
take the Baldwin exit from the 210 and head north for a while you might think you’re in the wrong place, but you’re not

Hours - something insane like 6 AM to 10 PM

Prices - counter service - $1.25 for coffee, $2.50 + for premium coffee drinks. Full bakery with cookies, cakes & pastries. Sandwiches, smoothies & ice cream. Honor bar for coffee refills (50 cents so bring some quarters).

Ambiance - a family friendly place. There are large farmhouse tables along the walls with various chairs (you may have to trade around to find one you like) and couches, tables out on the sidewalk for smokers. No music, but it gets rather noisy, especially on weekends because this is THE place to gather in Sierra Madre (besides the brewery). Board games.

Connections - outlets near the tables against the wall. You may need to unplug the lamp on your table to access them though. There is an internet terminal, available for free (though polite folks don’t spend more than five or ten minutes on it) so you can check email or the boards.

Parking - two hours free on the street, large free lot very close by

If you’re looking for a getway from Los Angeles, a place where families come by and play Monopoly for hours with their pre-teen kids, or a spot where there are far fewer tattoos and body piercings, it may be worth the drive. This is definitely small town America.

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