February 2003

Monday, February 10, 2003

Writing Out - Barbara’s at the Brewery

imageBarbara’s at the Brewery
620 Moulton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Hours - dang, I forgot to check, but it’s a bar for the most part, so expect them to be open late.

Prices - reasonable, good selection of beer and liquor, nice entrees between $7-10. Last time I was there the cappucino machine was down, but they still had brewed coffee.

Ambiance - subdued, funky, pleasant. There are round tables around, a general bar and a separate room with couches, tables, chairs, lamps with low lighting. Music - but you can still carry on a conversation and hear the clickety-clack of your keyboard. Very artsy, lots of stuff on the walls. There’s a small outdoor patio area with a couple of chairs & tables. What’s cool about this place, most of all, is the neighborhood feel to it. You can tell that the folks who live in the complex frequent the place. The bartenders are very casual and seem to know just about everyone.

Connections - lots of outlets as long as you stay to the walls of the room (There are many tables and chairs in the center that can’t access the outlets. Cingular service seemed to work there.)

Parking - ample, free, close, unrestricted (and oddly roomy spots)

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Friday, February 07, 2003

Writing Out - The Monrovia Coffee Company

imageThe Monrovia Coffee Company
425 S Myrtle Ave - corner of Myrtle & Lemon
Monrovia, CA 91016-2811
(626) 305-1377
North of Colorado Blvd.

Hours - 6-10 weekdays, 7-11 weekends.

Prices - very reasonable - drip coffee starts at 1.25 - fancy drinks at 2.25 - sandwiches $5 and up - desserts and ice cream

Ambiance - during the day it’s light, bright and upbeat. They play music. There are lots of tables with straight wooden chairs or comfy chairs with coffee tables. Tables out front on the sidewalk for smokers & otherwise outdoor inclined.

Connections - some scattered outlets around. None outside.

Parking - ample, free (though most have a 3 hour limit)

Highlight - very homey, downtown Monrovia is very much a small town right in LA County. Quite a refreshing change.

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