June 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Consumables on My Desk

I don’t often worry about my perparedness in an emergency. I think I could live for at least a week off of what’s in my office.

Here’s what’s on my desk (not in my desk, just on the surface):

1. Cheez-It (with special offer for Star Trek Captain’s Tee)
2. Tropical Dots
3. Tropical Razzles
4. Tropical Now and Later
5. Island Fruits LifeSavers Gummis
6. Chocolate Covered Sugar Babies
7. Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers
8. Chewy Sour Extinguishers (Sour Fruits)
9. Chewy Sour Extinguishers (Citrus)
10. York Mints
11. Brach’s Indulge Cookie Nibbles
12. Brach’s Indulge Caramel Almond Escape
13. Brach’s Indulge Coconut Almond Espcape
14. Brach’s Indulge Chocolate Cashew Escape
15. Wonka Sluggles
16. Spearmint Leaves (Generic from Walgreen’s)
17. Gin-Gins Boost
18. Creme de Menthe Altoids
19. One Moser Roth Fine Truffle
20. Two sticks of Beemans gum
21. One Hershey’s Kiss (for reference, not consuming)
22. Jelly Belly Love Potion Jelly Bean Bottle (about eight left)
23. A tub containing 11 different gummi bear brands for the long overdue Gummi Bear Brand Battle

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