Sunday, November 03, 2002

Finally some words

imageThis morning I got up early. Not really on purpose, I just woke up rather early and then, well, didn’t go back to sleep. Then I decided to go out and get some new headphones for my laptop to use while I’m writing (I’ve loaded about two gigs of MP3s onto the hard drive already). This is really a nice thing to have. So I loaded up all of my stuff and headed over to the Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood. I met up with three other wrimos. The good thing was that I was the first one there. I staked out an excellent table and got in about 1,000 words before the first one showed up.

The other cool thing was that even though there were four of us sitting at the table, all of us had in earphones, so the temptation to talk was slightly reduced and therefor productivity enhanced. That’s not to say that there weren’t several hours wasted on that socializing thing ... well, I wouldn’t call them wasted. I quite enjoyed it.

I had a bit of a breakthrough ... or maybe a red herring, but it was good territory to mine as I’m getting to know my secondary protaganist (Gregory Conklin). I’m having a little trouble getting into the meat of the story as I struggle to “set things up” in some satisfactory way and I’m still editing as I go. But if I continue at this rate, I’ll still make it in time and perhaps end with a better first draft than last year.

I’ve posted the 15 pages that I’ve got there on the link with my word count. That PDF file will evolve (in case you’re reading this in the archives) into the full draft as the month goes on.

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