Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Posting and feeling okay about it

imageI did a few words this evening. Two hours, 1829 words. I’m not setting the world on fire. I ended up surfing around the web a bit. I found a great site for info about counterfieting. I was surprised at how many questions it answered for me. I’m getting a better handle on my Secret Service Agent character, Gregory Conklin. And I think I’m finding a way to put a little humor into the whole thing. Which will make it all much more bearable.

I’m not able to resist the editing thing. I go back and tinker with things. Thankfully I haven’t hacked anything else out since day two.

So, I’m at 7,988. I wanted to break 8,000 tonight, even though it means that I’m still behind. But tomorrow is a work at home day, so I may be able to get some stuff done while I upload.

The big thing was tonight I finally posted an excerpt on the NaNoWriMo site in my profile. I’d been resisting. I don’t know why. It’s not like we all have great expectations about our work we’re doing. I just don’t want folks to look over that particular block of text and start to wonder why they were in my company ... must reinforce, it’s the fact that I am fearless enough to not only post the excerpt, but the whole damn thing so far over there. Yeah for courage!

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