Sunday, January 09, 2005

Slightly Disturbing

Okay, in an effort to find out if Target even carries umbrellas, I went on their website.

First of all, I did a search and it came up with results divided into categories (children, outdoors, women and books).

pet umbrellaSecond, one of the options was this thing ...a Pet Umbrella. I get the sense that this something you attach a small pet to, not a Husky or Retriever. But what really bugged me about this was that it was not listed in the category “pets” or “outdoor” but in “women.” I don’t think it would bug me so much if it were also found in “men” or “pets” or frankly if they’d just put it in all categories.

Of course I haven’t seen the sales stats, so maybe they’ve targeted the correct demographic for these.

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