Tuesday, April 20, 2004

How Am I Doing?

imageThis morning I posted my 11th entry for Blogging.la. I thought more about this entry, more about what the point was, trying to achieve more of an essay than just the random musings that I usually do.

I know there’s some talk on some blogs about bloggers being the new reporters, but I’m not prepared to go there. I might make a good critic though. But I’m never going to be an expert at anything, so I’ll always be just giving my own opinion.

In other news, Bloggger asked me to sign up for GMail today. So I did. I have no idea if I want to have such a service that inserts context sensitive advertising, but you know me, I can’t refuse a new email address. Really, I’ve got gobs of them.

UPDATE: I sent myself an email from GMail to my regular DSL address and it’s been 10 minutes and I still haven’t gotten it. This does not sound like something that would cause me to endorse the service.

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