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What the French Think

imageWhile looking at who’s looking at this blog, I noticed that someone accessed it using Google’s translation thingy. They translated it from English into French.

Now, you gotta wonder how accurate the translation is ... don’tcha? I especially like how “don’t get me wrong” becomes “do not obtain the evil to me.”

So, here it is, the last entry translated from English into French and back into English. I think it gives my writing the quirky style I’ve not yet been able to achieve:

We have coyotes.  Because I was outside in court, that I will grant to you is not much court… that it is a major extent of six feet of the gravel and bad grasses that I had tried to cultivate like garden of rock… in any event, I was outside there with the dog the night spent around midnight.  The moon was fullish and the skies were most of the time clear and of the chips.  And while I went me dÈbarasser of my bad grasses in the can of refuse in my alley that I had not taken to him to the bottom is the memory capacity because of the rain saturdays, I sought, dog always attached to me and coyotes of the saw two trottant silently in bottom of the street towards me. 

They are pretty more or less the same size as my dog… approximately thirty books, the narrow bodies, the tails touffues, the lithe and the bodies of balance with brindled the brown and gray coats.  They stopped, in front of my house, through the street on the pavement.  Pose, I then to only guess.  Not facing, always directed to continue to the top of the street, but their heads turned and fixed on me, and perhaps in a paramount way, on my dog. 

They were not the least little not frightened.  I placed myself at the top of the alley, and my dog did what it always does when another animal comes length, it rests and will not be moved.  Well, the coyotes were the same manner and just looked at us downwards.  We were held like that for good above one minute. 

I slowly took a step towards them, and they matched it with some stages towards me.  The ok, perhaps that was not a so good idea, I wanted to frighten them with far, not to meet in the medium of the street and not to shake legs.  I stomped on the ground in their direction and did some “yah!”  spread and undulated my free arm.  One just turned and continued that his avalent trot the street, the other, narrowest climbed in the court through the street.  It joined his companion in bottom of the street, having crossed through the court and by the garage of the neighbor. 

Thus, I appeared that they were gone.  I saw them trotter to the top of the street and out of the sight.

I was let my dog finish his business, that what we were outside there to make, after all.  We walked through the street and it marked the spot where they were held.  I kept an eye in bottom of the street, with the spot where the swimming pools of streetlight and rises in street out of the sight and there in them were still, rising there.  Make an attempt. 

They began avalent behind the street, and I am still astounded with at which quiet point they were.  Even a dog without the collar makes a noise with their claws on the pavement, but these fellas was like cats.  And this time they remained in the medium of the street and did not show any sign of the deceleration to their approach.  Thus, me and the pooch made a beeline for the back door.  We went inside and remained there.  I stopped the lights in the house in order to have a better glance of it after the coyotes outside and noted that they reniflÈ around where my dog had marked and then, because I went to find a camera with a certain film in him, they disappeared. 

I do not know.  It freaked just me out of a little.  Savage animals rÙdant around, pretence to have their sites on me and my pooch. 

I saw these front coyotes in the vicinity, even the saw one in my court postpones one equalizing as I went to remove the dog.  But never this fine to the top, and never with them if “bold”. 

Do not obtain the evil to me, I appreciate my fauna in Los Angeles.  I have a menagerie in my back court.  A skunk, two let us racoons, squirrels a-outward journey-go.  The crows, hummingbirds, doves of mourning, red- cut the tail of the hawks, the blue sparrows, jays, probably groups of other birds which I then not to call.  A opossum.  I suppose that it is only normal to have something with the top of the food chain.  I am sure like hell not eating these other creatures.  And I found the obviousness that something eats them, the occasional ribcage or tuft fur and sometimes a gust of wind of the feathers (which is more probable cat of the neighbor)...  an enormous bone of vein, which I then only to imagine is something of a cow that one of the coyotes dug out of a rack of refuse some share (jeeze, I hope who am from where they obtained it, I would hate to think of the foreigners carry out their mutilations of cattle in my back court). 

My point is, I guess I would like that they keep with themselves one little more.  I would like that the coyotes a little are frightened ego.  Perhaps I am too nice simply. 

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