Wednesday, November 20, 2002

This is the way the whole month was supposed to go

imageIt’s the twentieth. Two thirds of the way through the month and finally, today is the way the whole thing was supposed to go. I worked in the morning from home, I went into the office for a while, then on my way home I stopped at a coffee house (PsychoBabble again) and sat there for about an hour and got myself 2,566 plot advancing words.

That’s what I thought I’d do this month. A little work at home, a little work at work and a little work on the novel on the way in between the two.

But I guess the real point is that I’m on track and the plot is moving and the words are flowing free and easy.

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During November it's all about me writing a novel. Sometimes it's about whalewatching. You know, and then there's other stuff.