Friday, November 07, 2008

The Redeemer Available from Crazy Dream Sound

Back in June I was contacted by Norm Kern. He’d read The Redeemer (via Playscripts) and was interested in producing it as an audio play.

Oddly enough I’d often thought about how well this particular play of mine would do as a radio play. And the play has always been very well recieved in readings. It plays with the imagination, that so much of it has to take place in the audience’s head that it was ideal.

It all happened very quickly. A week of rehearsal in July and then the full day of recording. A month or more of post production with full sound design and original music. I went back for the final mix and to record a talk with the author (hey, there are two CDs, may was well fill them up!).

It’s available now directly through Crazy Dream Sound (you can listen to the first scene as a sample).


Directed by Norman Kern, starring Anna Bullard and Darren Bridgett.

Produced by Aifen Wang, original score by G.D. French & Norman Kern. Production assistants were Stephen Gozza and Deborah Taylor Barrera.

Original painting by Sally Ann Rodriguez & package design by Eric Akeson.

This production is the first of many that Crazy Dream Sound is planning and I think this is a fabulous direction for American theatre to go. There’s been a huge resurgence in interest in audio, and this sort of top quality production is going to set the bar very high.

See Theater Dog’s profile of the project.

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