Saturday, October 08, 2005

No Coverage?

Is it just me or does the coverage of the South Asia quake suck?

I’ve been watching TV for 20 minutes and haven’t seen anything yet. CNN Headline news has political, domestic stuff and health but since I missed the half hour mark, I guess that’s the only coverage. MSNBC has continued its regular coverage ... CNN has on Larry King. The freaking scroll at the bottom of the screen is talking about Reese Witherspoon’s baby and some tropical storm off Bermuda.

18,000 people killed in Pakistan alone and the internets seem to be the only place where people have taken notice.

UPDATE: It’s 90 minutes later and the CNN Headline news continues to report the earthquake as bad but gives it a scant 45 seconds and says that the death toll is only 2,000. But the main page of CNN has been saying that the death toll is over 18,000 for at least two hours. What’s going on with these people?

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  1. I didn’t know Reese Witherspoon had a baby!

    Thank God for the Interweb!
    Russ | 10.09.05 - 11:47 am |

    Blech. If TV news was the only source for the news, we might as well be living under a blanket.
    sya | 10.09.05 - 7:38 pm |

    Believe me sya, it’s not my only source, but on a Saturday night there wasn’t much out there.
    cybele | 10.10.05 - 8:23 pm |

    Comment by Cybele on 11/16/05 at 7:18 pm


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