Friday, November 01, 2002

Just a little taste

imageI stayed up until midnight so I could at least do a little before bed. Then I could wake up and know that I at least had 500 words in the bag for the first day.

And that’s what I did. 516 words. And the encouraging part was that it only took me 15 minutes. At this rate, it’ll only take me another 23 hours. Well, maybe I can’t just sit and write for 23 hours straight and have the novel. I don’t think I know much about what happens after this. But I do have about eight hours before I have to think about it again.

If you’ve come here to read it, well, give me a day and I will start posting the ENTIRE thing over there on the left as a PDF file. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Should I post it as one file or break it up into chapters? Is anyone going to read this thing? Or am I just doing this to prove that I’m doing it?

Off to bed!

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