Monday, November 11, 2002

In the groove

imageI was supposed to have a database meeting this morning. I got up early and did lots of data entry to get ready for it, but about fifteen minutes before, it was cancelled. No matter, I had back-up plans, which was a rehearsal for one of my plays. I went. And I felt so good afterwards I headed off to The Coffee Table in Silverlake for a little lunch and writing. I was there for scarcely and hour and I got over a thousand words in (along with a full meal).

Buoyed by this, I went home and bought plane tickets for the holidays and then headed out to another coffee house, The Silverlake Coffee Company. I’d not been there since they opened, which was probably about six years ago. Most notably it’s across the street from Rockaway Records. Which for me is a very dangerous place to be. I did not go across the street, I did not spend endless hours sampling new and old music. Instead, I sat there with my little lappie for an hour and a half and logged almost three thousand words! I had a lemon bar.

So, tonight, I watch TV and fold laundry. I’m not exactly on track with the word count at the moment, but I know now that I can have 4K days that only take about three or four hours and that’s not entirely unworkable. I think I’m going to plan for three 4K days a week and the rest to be 2K days. So, by next Monday, that’ll put me at 36K - well within the new goal of getting to 50K by the 23rd. Whee!

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