Saturday, November 02, 2002

How to NOT make your daily word count

imageHere’s a handy tip. If you don’t want to make your word count goals, go to a great coffee house and try to write with your best friend.

At least I’m not able to do it very succesfully. Maybe as my priorities shift later in the month from important things like relationships to these trivial goals like finishing a book in a month. Then I’ll be able to blow off the guy sitting right next to me.

I’m thinking this writing out in coffee houses this November is not going to help me much. It was great last year because I didn’t know anyone. But this year I’m the frickin’ Municipal Liaison and I’ve now personally emailed everyone in the Los Angeles Basin.

The good news on the goals front though is the fact that I had a little meeting with my boss yesterday morning and told her that I’m only coming into the office two days a week for the rest of the month and then one floating day a week when I’ll work from home. Jeeze, I love freelance!

Okay, I’ve got an hour before I have to leave for rehearsal. Maybe I can do some catching up.

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