Saturday, November 30, 2002

Help! I can’t stop writing!

imageWell, I’ve meandered myself into a wholly unsatisfying but final ending. I’ve killed off two of the five main characters. Destroyed The Russian Watercolor Plates.

It is done. For now.

As I like to say, I’ve ruined a perfectly viable idea for a novel this month.

There’s always rewriting. Or better yet, there’s always starting over.

You can read it in its entirety over there. Just click on The Russian Watercolors. And I’ve also posted my status spreadsheet, too. Though I can’t figure who finds a spreadsheet of someone’s word count interesting. Oh, me!

Final tally today - 9,504 words today. I’m going to go have some leftover turkey and watch a DVD!

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During November it's all about me writing a novel. Sometimes it's about whalewatching. You know, and then there's other stuff.