Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dream State

I had a dream last night with George Clooney in it.

It’s not what you think (unless you have an imagination as strange as my dreams).

I was at work. Not the place I work now, someplace with a long rambling building that was very white and bright and had lots of cubicles.

I was visited by Mr. Clooney, who said he was filling in at the HR department and that he wanted to talk to me about my 401k plans and any rollovers I might make should I change companies. We talked a bit about the options and he decided that I was handling my portfolio well and was happy to hear that I was taking full advantage of the company benefits pacakge.

Then I asked him why he was working for the HR department, and he said it was something he liked to do every once in a while. Then he gave me his card, which looked like something he fished out of the trash and was for a tire store. But he took it back and wrote in his real contact info and said, “I go by the name Lori, just so you know.”

He handed the card back to me, which I put in a drawer and then thanked him.

The dream went on. But that was the most interesting part. If you could call it that.

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