Saturday, January 29, 2005

5 Bloggers for Dinner

I found this on Stacie‘s blog and thought I’d propagate it. (Hey! She invited me!)

The goal of this exercise is to identify nine other bloggers that you would like to meet for dinner/drinks. The only caveat is that these bloggers must be strangers—you haven’t met them before. State the blogger’s name, a link to the blog, and why you would like him/her to be in attendance.

I regularly read about twenty blogs. But most are by people I know. So this’ll be tough. (Because some blogs I read are not necessarily by folks I’d like to dine with!)

1. Kevin L. Hoover - The Arcata Eye Police Log - okay, it’s not really a blog, but I read it regularly and it’s not exactly journalism. More like non-fiction poetry.

2. Tony Pierce - Busblog - because he’s a local and I think I could learn a lot about being a consistent blogger from him.

3. Aaron Logan - Loblogomy - I’m sure he’s too busy with the medical stuff, but I like his photos. Maybe he could figure out what’s wrong with the dog.

4. Brian Overton - Weirdwriter - I’d like to kick his ass for not posting more often, especially not posting about the squids washing up all over SoCal this month.

5. Cory Doctorow - BoingBoing - he’s self-published and successful and all

6. Paul Davidson - Words for My Enjoyment - it’s not so much a blog as an often updated list o’ funny things.

7. Brendan Powell Smith - The Reverend - the man behind the lego bible.

Um, I’m at a loss from there. Most of the other blogs I read regularly, I actually know the people who write them.

UPDATED: I thought of two more that I really should have included.

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